SuperAnimo won't ever shut down


Posted By: @Mark (Founder of SuperAnimo) Mar 3, 2021

Working on SuperAnimo Again


Posted By: @Mark (Founder of SuperAnimo) Oct 3, 2019

SuperAnimo Improvements on Hold


Posted By: @Mark (Founder of SuperAnimo) Feb 6, 2019

Fixing this Website

Recently I fixed some major bugs.  Before when someone used the paint tool or zooming, the rendered mp4 would either be blank or messed up.  I know it's very frustrating to put time and effort into making an animation, then after you finish and hit 'publish' you see a blank screen.  I'll try not to let that happen again.  I'm really motivated to add features and fix the bugs on this website.

The last two months that wasn't the case...  I basically abandoned SuperAnimo.  I got discouraged after I spent a couple hundred dollars on Reddit/Adsense ads and no one cared.  With all the bugs, the difficulty of adding new features, the lack of good artwork/sounds to add to the editor, it was easy to think this project is a lame duck and I should move on to something else.  But now I'm back - and I'm going to keep making SuperAnimo better, and


Posted By: @Mark (Founder of SuperAnimo) Aug 4, 2018