SuperAnimo Improvements on Hold

Posted By: @Mark (Founder of SuperAnimo)    Feb 6, 2019

Not many people use this website but I thought I'd give an update on the plans for SuperAnimo.

Right now I'm actually focused on other software projects.  (in addition to my full-time job)

The hope is that these projects will bring in enough money that will eventually lead to me having more free-time to work on SuperAnimo.  Also the projects could eventually help this site in the long-run.  For example I'm making a tool to automatically cutout people from images (  I'll be able to use the tool to extract faces and people from images - which could be useful for SuperAnimo.  I'm also working on a web scraper ( - I'll use that to regularly download popular gifs/images from the web so I have new things that can be used in the animation editor on SuperAnimo. 

In another project I'm trying to use Electron for a desktop app I'm going to sell (  Getting good with that tech may eventually allow a desktop version of SuperAnimo that's better than the web based editor.  So even though I'm too busy lately to make animations on this site, or add new features, I'm working on some projects that could help SuperAnimo in the long-run.  I still have big plans for SuperAnimo.  In the meantime feel free to create new animations, and I'll try to keep an eye on the site every once in a while to make sure nothing gets horribly broken.  


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