SuperAnimo won't ever shut down

Posted By: @Mark (Founder of SuperAnimo)    Mar 3, 2021

It may seem like this site is neglected, but I do plan to work on it again.  There's no reason I'd ever shut it down - even if no one uses it except a few people.  Unfortunately right now isn't the time to work on it, I need to focus on building things that have a potential to make money. 

I've been working on these Chrome extensions:  




A couple of these I should have paid versions soon.  ScrapeHawk (a web scraper) I plan to use to get more content into SuperAnimo.  This site hasn't been updated, so all the default characters/images haven't changed.  SuperAnimo needs fresh memes, characters and random trending gifs to keep the site from getting stale.  My goal is to get SuperAnimo back on track to being the funniest/best storytelling tool on the web in 2021.  Hopefully I'll be able to work on it soon.

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